This website is an interactive and participatory art project that is part of ↗ Trolls in the Park, Zenpukuji Park, Tokyo, taking place 2021-11-03 to 2021-11-23.

See also: imprint and privacy policy.

Participation conditions

By using the participative component of this website, you agree that any photo taken by you via the functionality provided by this website may be stored permantenly by Martina Kändler.

Specifically, a photo will be uploaded automatically during the last step of participation, when the color code, date and time, and optionally your location are added.

By participating, you grant Martina Kändler the non-exclusive right to use your pictures for any purpose, including but not limited to: display in the gallery on this website, for documentation of the project in print or online, on Martina Kändler's web page, etc.

Please upload pictures of the sky only. Each picture will be checked manually before it appears in the gallery of this website. Martina Kändler reserves the right not to show pictures for any reason, e.g. when they do not primarily show the sky, when they contain personal information and/or identifiable persons, and when they do not fit into the artistic concept.

You agree to not take and upload pictures via this website with inappropriate or illegal content, and you agree not to associate such pictures with this website, with Martina Kändler (e.g. by placing hyperlinks, or by using the hashtag #digitalcyanometer, or similarly), or with Trolls in the Park. The right to take legal actions is reserved in such cases.

You are responsible for each picture posted via your social media accounts, regardless of whether that picture appears in the gallery on this website or not.